Ikeda Akiko low output mc-pickup

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10th Anniversary model: AKIKO MC cartridge by Ikeda Sound Labs.

After succeeding to Ikeda Sound Lab s. in 2012 from Mr. Isamu Ikeda who was the founder of Fidelity Research (FR), 10 years have passed successfully!

We are pleased to announce the 10th annivers a ry model as AKIKO produced with the latest and most advanced technologies, materials and components we can possibly secure today.

Known as the hardest material on the earth is Diamond following by a technical information for a potentiality of ultimately faster sonic

We decided to adopt and use a cantilever made of Diamond for AKIKO model ever first among the Ikeda cartridges and then the stylus chip is made with micro ridge, so that an outline and orientation of sounds become much more clear and sound delivery becomes much faster.

The body unit is made of the strongest Titanium by lathing a piece of solid Titanium one by one and then processed by a buff polishing on the surface of body unit. The color of the body unit is pinky gold processed through the coating of ion plating.

Ideally shaped yoke base is made of the most advanced and the most high quality anti vibration alloy being superior to an absorption of vibrations. The magnet used is a strongest Neodymium and coils are made of PCOC firstly adopted on AKIKO cartridge.

The AKIKO cartridge is sophisticatedly assembled, precisely aligned and manually produced one by one by spending plenty of time and processes with the fulfillment of various kinds of conditions required for the best phono cartridge as a playback device so that all the musical sound elements hidden in analog record disks will be well retrieved.

The Specifications of AKIKO:
Electromagnetic Generator : Moving Coil (MC)

⚫ Output Voltage 0.35 mVrms (1kHz 35.4m m/sec. at 45° peak)
⚫ Coil Impedance : 6.0 ohms (1kHz)
⚫ Appropriate Stylus Force : 2.0 grams – 2.25 grams
⚫ Frequency Response Range : 10 Hz – 45kHz.
⚫ Channel Separation : over 30 dB (1kHz)
⚫ Channel Balance: within 0.5 dB (1kHz)
⚫ Stylus Chip : Diamond micro-ridge
⚫ Cantilever: Diamond
⚫ Weight : 15 grams
⚫ Compliance : 10 x 10 6 cm/dyne
⚫ Change of stylus : Change of generator unit including stylus coil.