18 000 kr

Ny i eske IKEDA 9TT MC Pickup – En fenomenal pickup som passer som hånd i hanske i litt tyngre armer.  Low output 0,2 mV. Kun en ti denne prisen – så løp og kjøp.


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Her er et utdrag fra testen i positive-feedback.com i 2014

«Skip ahead twenty five years or so and Ikeda has once again set up shop and is building what is arguably the best $4000 moving coil cartridge on the market. So good in fact, that the Ikeda 9TT gives the big boys a real run for their money and more than a mouthwatering taste of the state-of-the-art in cartridge design (bear in mind that Ikeda also produces the Kai, his attack on the SOTA). In some ways, the 9TT is an anti-audiophile type of cartridge because you want to play not just one cut from an LP but both sides of an album. Imagine that!»