Creek SEQUEL MK2 riaa-kort

1 000 kr

Riaa-kortet Sequel mk2 er laget for å installeres i Creek sine integrerte forsterkere. Dette kortet sikrer deg best mulig godlyd fra platespilleren din.


Creek Audio has always been a fan of the vinyl disc. For those consumers who have an interest in enjoying this alternative source of high quality music, there are few amplifiers available today equipped to deal with this as standard. All Creek integrated amplifiers, from 1993 have been designed to accept plug-in Phono modules, to enable vinyl disc reproduction.

The module must be fitted inside the amp, in a slot that will change the Auxiliary Line input into a Phono input, so either the supplying dealer, or the user, must fit the Phono pre-amp before it can be used.

The Sequel Phono modules can also be used to enable vinyl input on current and older Creek amplifiers including the following:

Destiny 2 integrated amplifier, Evolution 2 integrated amplifier, Evolution 5350 integrated amplifier,

Classic 5350SE Integrated amp, 5350SE, 5350R and 5350 Integrated amps, 5250, 5250R and 5250SE integrated amps, 4330 and 4330SE Integrated amps, but not mk2 versions, 4240 and 4240SE Integrated amps.

P42, A50i, A50iR, 4330mk2 and 4330SE mk2 can only use the single supply EVOLUTION MM and MC Phono, which is now out of production. Creek and its distributors still have some stocks available.

Please note: The Sequel Phono pre-amp cannot be fitted to the original Destiny 1 integrated amp, because its connections to the pre-amp were unique. The Destiny 1 had a dedicated Phono pre-amp made specifically for it only.