Bryston BR-2 Fjernkontroll

4 000 kr


Bryston BR2 remote for controlling Bryston products. Features machined aluminum high end construction.

The Bryston BR2 is a multi-product, handheld remote control which is optional for all Bryston products with remote capabilities. The BR2 also includes special function codes which customize performance.

Available for use with multiple Bryston products
Solid machined aluminum enclosure and push buttons
Motion sensing backlight with power saving ambient light sensor
Only available in black
BP26, BP17, BP16, BP6 Preamplifiers
B100, B135, B60R, and B100³ Integrated Amplifiers
BCD-1 and CD Player
BDA-1, BDA-2, and BDA-3 External DAC
BDP-1, BDP-1USB, BDP-2, and BDP-3 Digital Player