Bryston BP-2 MM/MC riaa

18 000 kr

Ekstern riaa fra Bryston med 61 db gain for MM- og MC-picuper. Hvis du ikke har Bryston MPS-2 strømforsyning allerede må du huske å kjøpe med strømforsyningen Bryston PS-3, da BP-2 riaa leveres uten strømforsyning.

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Bryston’s new BP-2 phono preamplifier applies our extraordinary low-distortion, wide bandwidth amplification to your record collection. Available in either MM (moving magnet) only or MM/MC (adds moving coil), the BP-2 is a perfect match for most available cartridges today. Both versions include switchable capacitive loading for use with moving magnet cartridges.

The MM/MC version adds a pair of ultra low distortion, wide bandwidth step-up transformers (the same ones used in our TF-2) to add compatibility with low output moving coil carts. The transformers can be factory wound for an additional 20dB or 31dB of gain.

Power the BP-2 from your existing Bryston MPS-2 DC power supply or from the new PS-3 DC power supply.

Inputs: 2x RCA, 1x Turntable Ground
Outputs: 2x RCA


  • MM gain is 41dB, MM/MC-20 gain is 61dB, MM/MC-30 gain is 72dB
  • Switchable capacitive loading between 100µF and 400µF for MM cartridges
  • Exceptionally flat frequency response +/-0.1dB 20Hz-20kHz with inverse RIAA EQs
  • Powered by outboard Bryston MPS-2 or Bryston PS-3 DC power supply
  • All steel chassis and top


  • 57mm H x 145mm W x 210mm D


  • Available with silver or black faceplate
  • Available in Moving Magnet only, or MM/MC
  • Phono Power Cable for MPS-2 Power Supply (Purchased Separately)