Bryston BIT-8 Strømrenser

63 000 kr


The Bryston BIT-8 Power Conditioner has been designed as a complete power isolation unit which is ideal for protecting your equipment, while smoothing out the current running through your home theatre and home audio system. The BIT8 provides true isolation, along with low source impedance, and large enough instantaneous current for today’s most sophisticated and powerful audio amplifiers. Protect your system against diminished resolution and dimensionality in audio and video display.


· Plugs into standard household receptacles

· Provides clean AC and surge protection

· Performs as a low pass filter

· Uses moving mode surge protection rather than MOV’s for better surge performances

· Meets IEEE c62.41-1991 and is built to withstand 6000 Volts, 3000 Amps for 1000 repeats

· Clamping voltage of 2 Volts above peak nominal voltage

· Provides protection for 240Vac mains at up to 8 Amps of current

· 4 x Schuko outlets