Bryston BAX-1 Digitalt aktivt delefilter

33 000 kr

Bryston BAX-1 er et digitalt aktivt delefilter og kjernen i Bryston sine fantastiske aktivt delte oppsett. Dynamikk, klarhet og musikalitet i verdensklasse. Se også «tilhørende» 21B3 effektforsterker og velg mellom Middel T og Modell T aktivt delte høyttalere.


SoundStage er det første magasinet til å publisere en omfattende test av komplett Bryston aktivt system med Middle T Active og BAX-1 i hovedrollen.

Våre favorittsitat:

“No matter what I listened to, the Bryston system always sounded bigger and more dynamic than I thought it would. Its clarity and precision even rivaled that of my reference Martin Logan Masterpiece Classic ESL-9 speaker hybrid electrostatics recognized for their fast, detailed sound.”

“If you’re willing to try active speakers, give the Brystons a listen. Even if you aren’t, you should hear them, to find out what kind of sound is possible from today’s powered speakers.”

“With the Bryston Middle T Active system, everything sounded perfectly balanced, the dialog and effects precisely tracking their apparent visual sources onscreen. The experience was so involving that I felt as if I were sitting in the mixing studio.”

Roger Kanno

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The BAX-1 is a state of the art DSP crossover that is specially programmed at the factory for compatibility with your specific model of Bryston Active Loudspeaker. It is comprised of two channels of analog to digital conversion which converts incoming full range analog audio from your preamplifier to an equivalent digital audio signal, sampled at 96kHz and decimated to 24 bits. The signal is then passed to a high-powered DSP core which performs the 3-way crossover function for each channel, and applies any user selected filters desired for altering the bass response of the loudspeakers in the room. Three bands of audio per channel are then passed to 6 digital to analog converters followed by fully discrete balanced analog outputs, which in turn feeds 3 amplifier channels per loudspeaker.

Fully active loudspeaker systems dispense with passive crossovers found in conventional loudspeakers in favor of inserting the crossovers before the amplifier. The benefits include increased flexibility of filter shapes, the ability to make fine-grained adjustments resulting in improved on and off axis response (these are often competing objectives in passive loudspeakers), direct coupling of the loudspeaker to the driver (avoiding losses inherent in passive crossovers), and higher SPL with lower distortion. The Bryston Active Loudspeaker System combines decades of research into acoustics, electronics, amplification, and state of the art components to recreate your recordings with stunning realism.

A superbly designed active loudspeaker system can bring higher resolution and dynamic control to your audio system. The differences are far from subtle and the Bryston Active Loudspeaker System takes the performance to the next level.

Inputs: 2x XLR
Outputs: 6x XLR (2x Low, 2x Mid, 2x High)
Control: TCP/IP, IR, DC, RS-232


  • 6 DACs and 2 ADCs by AKM
  • 96kHz/24bit DAC
  • Factory programmed crossover settings
  • Audio sensing auto-power on
  • Network connectivity for control and firmware updates
  • Balanced XLR input and output
  • Three position gain switch


  • Available with silver or black faceplate
  • 17” or 19” faceplate available


  • 2.75” H x 11.11” D (17″ or 19″ Width Faceplate)
  • 7cm H x 28.2cm D (43.2cm or 48.3cm Width Faceplate)
  • 10.3 lb/4.7 kg