Basis Super Arm 9 tonearm

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The goal for the Basis Superarm has been simple, clear, and direct from the beginning: “To fully maximize the extraction of every detail from LP records, the full dynamics available from the grooves, without editorializing in the process”.

Most tonearms fit the description “tonearm” quite well: they have their own “tone” and character. The Basis Superarm is designed to be as free as possible from any tone, character, or coloration in order to recapture the original recorded event as closely as possible.

Beyond a very literal extraction of the music from the grooves of the record, special attention was paid to the extremely delicate signal from the vertical modulation of the record grooves which contains the small “difference signal”, the left channel minus right channel information. The stereo width is revelatory, along with very precise focus of the locations of each instrument, voice, and sound source.

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