Audel Malika Plus+ Gulvhøyttaler

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Malika Plus
evolution of the species …

​The Plus version of Malika implements the two-way model in every respect. An elegant front cover welcomes luxurious finishes throughout the height of the cabinet. The size of the sound stage increases, the frequency extension in the low range, and its ability to excite the listener. Malika Plus … simply bewitching!

​Hi-end components
double the sound surface

Also for this model we have chosen the Sb acoustic tweeter «Satori» series, featuring a decoupled black aluminum front flange. With the Satori tweeter the vibrations generated by the woofer and transferred to the cabinet do not affect the micro oscillations of the tweeter. The mid and low frequencies are generated by 2 x 16cm woofers in woven polypropylene to obtain excellent damping and ensure a uniform and extended frequency response. With Malika Plus we still confirm the choice of a first-order filter made with high-end components.

Elegance … inside and out
IRS, a certainty!

An increasingly rigid cabinet here was made in two parts mechanically coupled. Here Malika Plus shows itself in all its beauty! harmony of proportions, for a product full of handcrafted details that are always perfect and luxuriant. The new walnut briar finishes give it an unprecedented elegance. But true luxury is hidden inside! Inside our Malika Plus, the IRS rib system features an extremely complex and articulated internal cabinet, guaranteeing a linear behavior of the frequency emission without internal reflections.

IRS (Internal Ribs System)
a continuous research …

The new » rib » assembly system guarantees a mechanical stiffening of superior quality, as the alternating thickness acts as a bracing. The resulting channels are used for a » reasoned » insertion of the sound-absorbing material, so as to prevent the formation of standing waves inside the cabinet. The drivers are mounted on a 36mm plywood panel. The flare of the woofer is shaped so as not to cause the tube effect due to the thickness itself.  IRS, a certainty!


• SYSTEM: 2.5 integrated bass reflex

• CABINET: Multipanel System EVO – Structure laminated birch wood

• TWEETER: 29mm soft dome

• WOOFER: 2 x 5 1/2 » New Curv cone

• FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 35 Hz – 25,000 Hz





• FINISH: Birch cabinet – Ebony / Walnut / burl Walnut

cover – beeswax surfaces

• DIMENSIONS: 1110 x 200 x 295 mm (HxWxD)

• WEIGHT: 55 Kg pair.


Anti-vibration base
Technological simplicity …

The base of our Malika Plus fulfills the task of reducing the vibrations that are dispersed into the floor. The goal is to ensure a double action aimed at absorbing and isolating vibrations. So we chose a complex system, made up of birch plywood decoupled from o-rings and finished with spikes. This solution implements sharpening is the focus of the sound stage.